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KEF-IC Grappling Uniform Belts

KEF-IC Grappling Uniform Belts

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KEF-IC Grappling Uniform Belts made by Hyperfly 

Wear your KEF-IC belt with pride!

Tan Belts are worn by those who have completed one or more courses but have yet to pass the first grading assessment.

Grey Belts


  • ACP Level 1 & 2, or KEF–IC courses A, B, C, D & E
  • Comprehensive understanding of Kinetic
    principles, maxim and concepts
  • Fundamental combative skills assessed

Green Belts 


  • KEF–IC courses F, G & H
  • ‘The Green Mile’: short, SF-style resilience course
  • JBI 1st Degree Black Belt
    • Complete understanding of Kinetic principles, maxim, concepts and tactics, and the ability to
      apply them under combat stress in simulations
    • Enhanced combative skills assessed

KEF-IC Approved Competition Belt.

Approximate Length
A0 — 98 inches
A1 — 104 inches
A2 — 112 inches 
A3 — 118 inches
A4 — 126 inches 
A5 — 134 inches
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