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Train in authentic Army Combatives methods and Thailand’s famous combat arts, led by Australian Army Combatives Chief Master Trainer and holder of 8 Black-belts, Shihan Paul Cale & legendary Muay Thai master Burklerk Pinsinchai.

Along with Shihan Darren Jordan and guest Muay Thai/Muay Boran Grandmasters and fighters, Cale will take participants through an exciting training and cultural program over 7 days. This includes a full day of tactical pistol shooting.

Creator of the Australian Army’s current hand-to-hand combat program (ACP), former Commando sergeant, combat veteran and MMA fighter Paul Cale has developed this camp to combine a unique and deep learning experience with a tropical escape that trainees of all levels can enjoy.

To provide the most authentic experience of Thailand’s martial skills and history, the lessons will take place at the renowned Burklerk Muay Thai Gym in Lampang, northern Thailand.

In addition to learning the Army Combatives skills and tactics that Cale teaches to Australia’s soldiers and selected members of the Thai military, you’ll get to train with true masters of muay Thai kickboxing.

You’ll also practise Thailand’s ancient, indigenous form of close-combat — Muay Boran, the precursor to Muay Thai. This centuries-old warfighting method includes the use of weapons such as swords and sticks, along with a wide range of techniques, from strikes to throws and joint locks.

Beyond the training regimen, the camp itinerary allows plenty of time for participants to relax, see the sights and sample the local restaurants and night-life.


  • Return International flights to Thailand
  • Domestic flights & transfers within Thailand
  • 6 nights’ hotel accommodation
  • Daily breakfasts
  • Daily lunch (traditional local food)
  • Two daily training sessions in Army Combatives (Kinetic Fighting–Integrated Combat method), Muay Thai & Muay Boran
  • A KEF training knife & Thailand Combatives Camp T-shirt
  • Certificates of completion (or qualification, if eligible). 


Q: How long and how frequent are the training sessions?

A: Each morning there will be a Muay Thai/Muay Boran morning session of 2.5 hours’ duration. This will be followed by lunch with the group, and recovery time. Training then resumes with 2.5 hours of Army Combatives/Military Knife-fighting. This will be the program for 5 days. One day will be entirely devoted to an introductory tactical pistol shooting course, with neither the Muay Thai or Army Combatives taking place on that day. The final day will be used for revision and testing. 

Q: Do I need a shooting licence or any firearms experience to undertake the tactical pistol course?

A: No, you do not need any type of firearms license or any shooting experience whatsoever to participate in the tactical shooting — just a willingness to learn and a sensible attitude. You will be trained according to your relative level of skill. 

Q: Will I get any skills certification from the course?

A: Every participant will receive a certificate acknowledging their completion of each stream of training (if they successfully complete the sessions): one for Muay Thai and another for Army Combatives, KEF–IC. Those with sufficient prior experience and skill level (as identified prior to, or during, the course) may be assessed for a certification in any or all of the following: ACP –Extreme Close Shooting; ACP – Clearing Knife; and ACP – Combat Muay Thai.

Q: Does the accommodation include my own room?

A: Yes. Each participant will have their own private room, in well-kept accommodation that is walking/jogging distance to the Muay Thai gym.

Q: How do I book and pay for the camp?

 A: To secure your spot, you must pay an initial deposit of $1000 via this booking page (select ‘deposit’ where it says 'book today', above). You must then pay the difference of $3500 (select ‘final instalment’) by 31 July. Alternatively, you can pay the full amount immediately via this booking page (select 'pay in full').

 Q: Can I attend the camp if I’m not from Australia?

 A: Yes. You will pay $3000, which does not include airfares. You will need to arrange your own travel to the accommodation in Lampang, Thailand. To secure your spot, pay an initial deposit of $1000 via this booking page (select ‘deposit’ where it says 'book today', above). We will then invoice you for the remaining $2000, to be paid by 31 July.

Former Special Forces Sergeant Paul Cale has been involved in martial arts for 45 years. He holds black belts in 8 different fighting systems, with a total of 14 dan (degree) grades. In addition to Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and Kyokushin full-contact karate, Paul has attained black-belt ranks in the two Olympic sports of judo and taekwondo; the competitive form of aikido, Tomiki; the traditional aikido/aiki-budo methods of Yoshinkan and Gyokushin Ryu; and the multi-discipline Japanese combat sport of Kudo Daido Juku.

A veteran of multiple combat deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq with the 2nd Commando Regiment, Paul applied this extensive combat and martial arts experience to redevelop the Close-Quarter Fighting (CQF) program for Australia’s Special Operations Command from 2007.

After his ADF service, he founded Kinetic Fighting, a company that provides tactical and skill-enhancement training to the ADF since 2013. During that time, Paul developed the Australian Army Combatives Program (ACP), which is now the ADF’s official close-combat training system. Since 2022 he has also instructed members of Thailand’s military close-protection teams and police as head instructor for Trojan International Defense – Australia.

Paul’s experience in combat sports is also broad: after many years of full-contact karate, he became one of Australia’s earliest adopters of BJJ. then competed in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition in its pioneering days. Post-army service, he co-founded the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) Combat Centre in 2013 and was part of its leadership team for several years. There he worked with Australia’s elite combat sports athletes as well as cyclists, basketballers and others, introducing Special Forces selection and leadership principles to the AIS. He was later named Head Coach for the Australian Defence Force Martial Arts Association (ADFMAA).

DATE & TIME: 28 August–3 September
LOCATION: Lampang, Northern Thailand


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