Collection: 5.11 FOOTWEAR

Discover a comprehensive selection of top-tier tactical boots and footwear at Kinetic Shop, proudly featuring the esteemed 5.11 Tactical® brand. Engineered with precision for professionals across diverse fields such as law enforcement, emergency medical services, firefighting, and tactical operations, our boots are meticulously crafted to uphold superior traction, agility, and durability, ensuring peak performance from dawn till dusk.

Designed to transcend boundaries, our tactical footwear seamlessly transitions from duty to outdoor adventures, including hiking, hunting, camping, and everyday wear. Experience unrivaled comfort and mobility thanks to our proprietary Shock Mitigation System, allowing you to stay focused and agile in any scenario.

Explore a variety of styles and features tailored to meet the demands of those who prioritize function, performance, and reliability. Choose from lace-up or side-zipper boots, available in various heights ranging from 6" to 10". Cutting-edge 5.11® A/T™ Series introduces the revolutionary All Terrain Load Assistance System (A.T.L.A.S.), engineered to effortlessly support heavy workloads during extended shifts.

Crafted with premium materials like water-resistant leather and high-traction outsoles, our boots ensure optimal comfort and protection. Enhanced features such as foam cushioning and knife pocket readiness further elevate functionality and readiness in challenging environments.

For professionals requiring additional safety measures, explore options with puncture resistance and a blood-borne pathogen resistant membrane and lining. 5.11 extensive selection includes both men's and women's sizes, ensuring a tailored fit for every wearer, complemented by a range of colors to seamlessly integrate with any uniform.

Embrace the pinnacle of performance and reliability with 5.11 Tactical® footwear, meticulously designed to empower professionals to excel in their missions with confidence and ease. Experience the difference at Kinetic Shop today.