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Survive Knives: Awareness & Action - Brisbane

Survive Knives: Awareness & Action - Brisbane

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FACT: Most people need very little training to dramatically increase their chances of surviving an encounter with a knife-wielding attacker.

So, there’s no need to give up your life — just give us 2 hours of it.

In return, former Commando Sergeant and creator of the Australian Army Combative Program, Paul Cale, will arm you with information and instruction that could save your life, or that of a loved one. It’s the stuff everyone wishes they knew when one of those it won’t happen to me’ situations actually happens. And on this course you’ll learn it quickly, in a way that enhances recall.

Paul knows his stuff. He’s been a bouncer, social worker and Special Forces soldier, who’s been shot at, bombed, bloodied and assaulted with blades. For more than a decade, he’s also been the Army’s top Subject Matter Expert on hand-to-hand combatives. Paul now teaches the public because he knows this is information that society needs, right now. And, because he can — he’s been there, and survived. He’s trained for the worst, been through it, and trained thousands of others for it, too.

Now it’s your turn. Don’t miss out!

Over two info-packed hours, you will discover professionally proven survival principles and tactics, which are:

  • adaptable to any lifestyle and professional procedure or training
  • suitable for civilians and front-line operators, from beginners to professionals; and
  • backed by Cale's 25+ years of career military experience & 45 years in the martial arts.

The topics covered include:

  • Threat awareness and weapon detection
  • Emergency action principles
  • Edged-weapon characteristics and vulnerabilities to exploit
  • Distancing concepts specific to bladed weapons
  • Weapon suppression and control methods
  • Tools for self-protection.

Still not sure it’s for you? Check out what previous course-goers thought of Paul’s training HERE.

A veteran of multiple combat deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq with the 2nd Commando Regiment, former Sergeant Paul Cale literally rewrote the book on Special Forces Close-Quarter Fighting (CQF). He later created the Australian Army Combatives Program (ACP), which is now the official close-combat training system for Australia’s general Army.

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Paul became known to the public after discharging from Special Forces in 2013, when a news story revealed how he’d choked out a Taliban leader during a raid (and he later did the same to a Vice reporter who covered his story…all in fun, of course). He then became a head coach at the Australian Institute of Sport’s Combat Centre of Excellence, where he introduced the use of Special Forces selection and training protocols for Olympic combat sports athletes, as well as the cycling and water polo teams.

During that time, Paul also started training the public in his Kinetic Fighting–Integrated Combat system (KEF–IC) — the bedrock of the program he’d created for the ADF. And, after training TV host Todd Sampson with a ‘shock knife’ for ABC’s ‘Redesign My Brain’, Paul began to be sought out not only as an instructor, but as a commentator on matters of special operations and the Afghanistan war.

Cale’s courses use the same principles and core techniques as ACP, but he only teaches what’s applicable to tackling violence as a civilian or first-responder. Battlefield rules of engagement are replaced with the laws of self-defence and arrest, and a soldier’s weapon systems are replaced with your body, and whatever you carry or find at hand. But the mindset remains the same, as does the goal: achieving safety through a survival skill set and the confidence to use it when necessary.

DATE & TIME: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm, Saturday 03 August 2024

LOCATION: Primal Krav Maga & Self-Defence: Entrance in Laneway,
331 George St, Brisbane City, QLD, 4000

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