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Platatac - SMAC 3 Wrap Around Shoulder Pads

Platatac - SMAC 3 Wrap Around Shoulder Pads

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The Wrap Around Shoulder Pads are a user friendly shoulder pad with comfort and functionality in mind.

 At the bottom, it features air mesh with padding for comfort when wearing a heavier loadout or for when you have to wear your armour for an extended period of time.

The pad is made primarily of Blue Force Gear Ultracomp laminate, which is hydrophobic and extremely light weight for its strength, which wraps around both sides of the plate carrier strap and is secured by Velcro.

Internally, the bottom of the pad has a strip of 25mm hook Velcro which interfaces with the loop Velcro on the plate carrier strap itself, keeping it secure and preventing it from slipping whilst it’s being worn.

Finally, there is a small cut out on the body of the shoulder pad which lines up with a small elastic loop which is ideal for cable management.

This shoulder pad lends itself ideally to manage the combat load of the modern soldier or LEO as it not only bears weight efficiently, but it is also easy to route through anything you have to organise and carry today. Hydration tubes, both whip style and body worn antennas, relocation wiring, PTT to headset connections etc. are all easily managed by the Wrap Around Shoulder Pads.


  • Air mesh and foam padding
  • Ultracomp material
  • Velcro for ease of use
  • Velcro to secure pad
  • Elastic retention for wiring/tubes

Weight, Fabric and Dimensions:

  • Weight:70g per pair
  • Dimensions:175mm (L) x 65mm (W) x 10mm (D)
  • Materials: Ultracomp, airmesh, foam, elastic webbing, Velcro
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