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Platatac - Craighead PRMD Belt Placard

Platatac - Craighead PRMD Belt Placard

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The Platatac Craighead PRMD Belt Placard is a first line, belt worn, primary and secondary magazine, with integrated dump pouch, all in one placard. It is designed to be a compact, sleek, light weight and simplistic practical system, that gives a consistent magazine draw every time, as you would expect from such a collaboration.

It can carry one 5.56 rifle magazine and two double-stack 9mm.40 cal pistol magazines. The magazines are primarily held in place with a kydex insert, which gives the pouch active retention, and keeps the top of the pouch open for ease of magazine reinsertion. When a mag is inserted, the Kydex flexes to allow easy travel into the pouch. As the Kydex wants to spring back to its usual state, due to the tension of the pouch it keeps the mag under tension.

The pistol magazine pouches can double as stowage for other items e.g. multitool, torch, ASP cuffs etc. by simply removing the kydex insert. It is designed to fit securely to Platatac or other OEM shooters belts up to 44mm wide. This iteration of the PRMD has hook (male) velcro on the inside of the belt loops to mate with loop (female) velcro.

The PRMD includes two secondary retention options in the form of bungee shock cord or ultracomp flaps for added security or to accommodate different sized magazines depending on the end user’s requirements. The laser-cut Ultracomp® flaps are adjusted via a hook & loop sandwich system, or can be removed completely. A Griptac tab assists with opening whilst wearing gloves or in wet conditions.

A compact dump pouch is built over the rifle mag pouch to save real estate and it is ideal for spent mags, loose ammo at the range, SSE, a water bottle and the things you actually use a dump pouch for. 

Made from durable, laser-cut Ultracomp® fabric, the Craighead PRMD is an all in one solution and is available for both right & left handed shooters.


  • One rifle magazine pouch compatible with most common 5.56 or 300 BO polymer or metal magazines
  • Two pistol pouches compatible with most common 9mm/.40 cal double stack magazines*
  • Integral dump pouch with shock cord adjustment, mesh bottom and Velcro tab to secure it shut
  • Fits Platatac and other OEM shooters belts up to 44mm wide
  • Excellent retention of mags with a Kydex insert against an Ultracomp pouch**
  • Adjustable/removable laser cut Ultracomp flaps 
  • Removable shock cord with laser cut ultracomp pull tabs
  • Available for right & left handed shooters***


  • Blue Force Gear Ultracomp Laminate
  • 500D Nylon Cordura 
  • Kydex Inserts 

Colours available

Multicam, Black

 * Glock19 magazines are the shortest you want to use in these pouches and the PRMD will not work for Glock26 or similar magazines as they too short. 

** 2x Kydex Pistol and 1x Kydex Rifle inserts included

*** The PRMD is optimised for ease of draw for your non master hand. In the in use examples above, each operator is using a Right Handed Shooter Version as their master hand is their right. If your master hand is your left, choose the left handed shooter version.

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