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PLATATAC ASAD Elastic Side Wings

PLATATAC ASAD Elastic Side Wings

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The PLATATAC ASAD Elastic Side Wings increase the carrying capacity of your plate carrier without adding weight. They can attach to either the front or back Velcro area under the cummerbund and can hold multiple items such as radios, M4 magazines, smoke grenades, or medical supplies. The pouch is made of 100mm elastic, providing secure tension while allowing for easy removal when needed. It also lays flat when empty and remains low profile when not in use. The Velcro hook can be easily attached to most Platatac and OEM armor carriers, while the 25mm webbing allows for adjustable height to accommodate different items.


  • Made with Milspec elastic and web tape
  • removable shock cord retention
  • Lightweight and low profile 
*Sold as a pair (1 left hand and 1 right hand pouch) 
Available in Black
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