Advanced Cinematic Tactical Role-Player Course (ACTR) - KEF High-Fidelity Training Centre Brisbane-Kinetic Shop
Advanced Cinematic Tactical Role-Player Course (ACTR) - KEF High-Fidelity Training Centre Brisbane-Kinetic Shop

Advanced Cinematic Tactical Role-Player Course (ACTR) - KEF High-Fidelity Training Centre Brisbane

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In your next audition for the part of a soldier, cop, bodyguard, Special Forces operator or just all-around bad-ass, you’ll look the part like no one else will. You’ll walk the walk, talk the talk and be able to wield weapons like a pro. Our highly qualified instructors — all military combat veterans and cinema-industry professionals — will make sure of it.

Trainers include former Commando Sergeant Paul Cale, founder of Kinetic Fighting and advisor on several films, along with Extra Specialists founder Shaun Barry, a former Infantry Lieutenant Commander turned stunt instructor and actor, and his team. All training takes place at the new High-Fidelity Training Centre inside Screen Queensland Studios, home to Extra Specialists and Kinetic Fighting (KEF Group).

Although this course is really too much fun to be called education, you’ll definitely get schooled in all the key skill sets of a tactical operator. Over three weekends of training, you’ll acquire several sought-after professional qualifications to make you a valuable asset on film sets, in theatres and beyond. After the last shot’s been fired, you’ll also be ready to seek well-paid work on the ‘Red Force’ (enemy role-player team) in scenario training exercises run by the ADF.

Run over three consecutive weekends in October, the course comprises three modules, each delivered over two 8-hour days. You can do the one/s most relevant to your needs and budget, or do the complete course to get fully qualified at a substantial discount (see below). You’ll also get some take-home footage to add to your show-reel.

ACTR Course breakdown:

Module 1 incorporates the nationally-accredited Firearms Safety Course (10618NAT). Covering categories A, B, C, D and H, this translates to all firearms including the pump-action shotgun, AR15 assault rifle and pistol/handgun. The Blank Fire Safety Course covers expert use of these weapons including firing positions, immediate-action and stoppage drills — everything you need to perform realistically and safely with firearms.

Date: 10–11 October

Cost: $1,700 (GST inclusive)

Module 2 teaches the practical skill sets and knowledge needed to deliver a professional action performance on film. This includes high-fidelity training scenarios covering the skills of close-quarters battle as well as close personal protection (bodyguarding) missions. You’ll get the rare opportunity to play advanced roles as tactical police, special forces operators and riot cops while being coached by those who’ve done it for real, and on-screen too. 

Date: 16–17 October

Cost: $1,700 (GST inclusive)

Module 3 delivers your Working at Heights qualification and a detailed introduction to stunts for playing tactical roles for film and stage, as well as role-playing in high-fidelity simulation training for front-line forces. This course also qualifies you in Workplace Fire Safety for Operating Pyrotechnics and Open-flame Stunts. 

Date: 23–24 October

Cost: $1,700 (GST inclusive)

Full course (3 modules) cost: $4400 (GST inclusive)

Location: KEF High-Fidelity Training Centre,  45 Gosport St, Hemmant QLD 4174

So if you’re ready to add a lot more ammo to your acting arsenal, secure your ticket here. Or, book directly through KEF Group by placing a deposit on the course — just email us at