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Are you ready?... Learn from Paul Cale who currently oversees the delivery of the Army Combatives Program (ACP) and Individual Combat Behaviours (ICB) training for the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Regardless of who his client is, Paul is driven by the company mantra, ‘excellence over everything’.

Paul has been involved in combat sports and martial arts since the early 1980s and holds black-belt ranks in eight different systems. These include Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), Kudo Daido Juku, Kyokushin karate and three aikido styles (Yoshinkan, Tomiki and Gyokushin Ryu), as well as the Olympic combat sports of judo and taekwondo. Paul was the first Australian to earn a Kudo black-belt and was the first branch chief of the International Kudo Federation Australia (IKFA). Now, in partnership with several other high-ranking budo instructors, Paul runs an independent martial arts training and assessment body, Jissen Budo International, which has branches around Australia and the world. In 2019, Paul was awarded his 7th Degree rank by Hanshi Bryson Keenan (8th Degree Black-belt, Goju-ryu karate), one of his first instructors and also a former soldier who contributed to previous Army combatives programs.