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Product Description:
The FavUke synthetic-leather grappling dummy enables you to keep up your jiu-jitsu, MMA and grappling training from home. These hard-wearing, realistically proportioned dummies are the key to continuing to improve your technique, stamina and muscle memory even when you don’t have a live partner on hand. 

We don’t pass the high cost of filling on to customers: FavUke dummies are shipped unfilled so you can pack them with inexpensive materials and customize the filling type (see website for options and instructions) for ideal weight and feel — saving hundreds!

HIGH-QUALITY, DURABLE MATERIALS: Stitched with tear-resistant, stretch nylon threads for ultimate durability, this dummy can handle the most intense training. The leather is explosion-proof as well as scratch and tear-resistant. There’s also a cheaper but just as hardy canvas version!

EASY TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN: Leather is ideal for frequent trainers because it won’t absorb sweat like other covering materials. Your dummy will stay fresh for years to come with just a quick wipe-down between training sessions.

ANATOMICALLY DESIGNED: The dummy’s kneeling stance realistically mimics the position of a real grappler. The movable legs and arms enable accurate positioning for technique training, while the compressed filling provides some resistance.

FLEXIBLE HANDS & FEET: You’ll get a partner that can help you train for all techniques. The full-limb design, down to the hands and feet, lets you safely practice ankle or wrist locks.

CUSTOMIZABLE SIZE AND WEIGHT: We offer three sizes so you can choose the opponent that’s right for you. We ship them unfilled, so you can customize the weight and change it over time as needed.

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